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Jaaa Mannnn.

If I had to sum up Berlin in one word, I would probably say… tote bag. It is simple, easy, cool and stylish without pretention. More than tote bags, the city is full of bicycles, little cafés, bearded boys and short haired girls. Oh and art. Berlin seems to be the perfect place for street artists and other thinkers who want to share their message with the world.


Before going into details and copy pasting a dozen flickr codes, let me introduce you to my 2 companions. Or should I call them, the littles! Little cousin Eli from Montreal and her very good friend Arca, who just came back from a year off in the Philipines. I’m telling you, these kids are cool at an early age nowadays. Here they are at Bateau Ivre, checking out the wine menu when we were actually there for breakfast. The yummiest breakfast I ever had by the way, but I will go back to this subject later.


Allright, allright. I’m lazy talking. Pictures it is.


It was very hot. And that’s what Berliners do when it’s hot. They hang out by the river while listening to minimal electro music and smoke weed.


Berlin-raised Katharina happened to be in town at the same time, we had to celebrate with one of these yummy Eiskaffees ;)


She even took us on a nice ride in the warm night. Awesome.


Beer makes me happy. Especially when it’s 2€ a bottle.


Graffiti and bikes seem to get along well.


And here are my favorite spots… the cafés. I know Paris is already full of them, but it seems that each café in Berlin has its own identity and fun design.


Not to mention their delicious snacks!


Yeah we’re food lovers. One night we were craving chocolate cake, it only took us a few minutes to find that cute little spot by Oranienstraße.


The infamous €3 watermelon cocktails…


And so here we are. DAS Frühstück. At Marx cafe. I think the picture pretty much talks for itself. 


Most of the pictures above were taken in the Kreuzberg area a.k.a. the coolest area ever.


On another note, it’s obvious that despite the current good economic context in Germany, Berlin still suffers from its DDR days. Hopefully things will get better soon, without changing the atypical look of this singular city.

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