Dreamy floors at the Fashion and Textile museum in London

Dreamy floors at the Fashion and Textile museum in London

29 Aug 2014
OK movies

I’ve been watching a bunch of not-the-best types of movies lately. The kind of movies I like to watch when I want to be entertained in a cute way. As much as I appreciate great cinema, for some reason I am also a huge fan of what I like to call, the OK movies.

Last night by Massy Tadjenin - OK


It’s an interesting film about secrets and commitment in love relationships. Eva Mendes is super boring in this film though but luckily it mainly focuses on the character played by Keira Knightley who has more of an interesting story. It made me think of how past loves are never really over. Of course the feelings are gone, but it’s funny to think that a past lover will always have a bit of you in them and vice versa.

Closer by Mike Nichols - OK+


More of an alternative take on the subjects of faithfulness and commitment as well. I noticed right away that the film had to be based on a play or something because most of the dialogs seem very surreal. Also most of the scenes are long and all take place in closed spaces without much movement. That said, I thought it was quite interesting to see Nathalie Portman play the role of a stripper at such a young age. Clive Owen delivers a brilliant act of a disgusting yet loveable man. And Jude Law is always great at being Jude Law, I mean handsome. I’d say this film is interesting because it shows the irony of love and lust.

Eat Pray Love by Ryan Murphy - OK


This movie is one of the easiest feel good movie I’ve seen. I saw it a long time ago and thought I hated it. But finally I re-watched it and truly enjoyed it. People tend to say the book is better but I don’t care much. It’s not like the story is super deep or anything. The movie is beautiful and contains lots of food shots. And landscapes. And meditation. I sound sarcastic and perhaps I am, but I did love the film. Very good acting as well. I would recommend watching it on a sunday afternoon with a cup of green tea and a smile on your face.

One day by Lone Scherfig - AVOID


This movie is so bad. I can’t believe I watched it until the end. It was so boring, the acting is so poor, the story is useless. You basically follow two irritating people being in love and not being together for 20 years and then you fall asleep.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World by Lorene Scarfaria - OK+


Something really weird about this film. I think they tried to do some humour noir but then I’m not so sure that it worked well. What I liked about it though is that for the first time, the end of the world is shown in a very normal way. No superheroes trying to fight the inevitable, just middle class people trying to cope with the terrible news by having a great dinner, sipping alcohol and doing drugs with their friends. I mean, the end of the world… what can you do, right? Also makes you realize once more that life is all about being in the moment and making the best of every second.

Dans Paris by Christophe Honoré - OK++


Oh what a lovely movie. For starters, it shows a Paris that is rarely shown on screen. I find it shows you the basic Paris. The one I am familiar with. Yes Paris is so beautiful, but it’s also just a place where a bunch of people live and go to work, no big deal. And that’s what makes it speciaI. I feel you either love or hate Louis Garrel. Of course I love him, are you crazy. I was touched by the story of these two brothers, so different yet so close and here for one another. This could have easily been a play as well. Not much going on really, just a touching story. Great and quite an alternative kind of direction as well. Oh and very good soundtrack by Alex Beaupain.

More reviews to come soon!

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Chacun cherche sont chat, Cedric Klapisch (1996)

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